Snowflake large layered with stand
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Three layers compose the large snowflake for your winter time display. Snowflake measures approx. 7” wide x 14” tall; stand is approx. 5” in diam. ASSEMBLY: Fold pole on perforations then glue flap to opposite side to form tube. Layer hex “washer” shapes to help support pole then glue on top of stand upper circle (with slots) taking care that hex hole edges align throughout. Form support shape into a cone and glue side tab. Insert bottom tabs into base circle slots, fold back and glue in place. Add remaining two base circle layers, taking care to align all hex openings. Insert pole tabs through hex hole of stack, fold back and glue underneath bottom circle. Add lower whole circle to bottom of stand Layer snowflake shapes and glue. Hold in place in vertical position while glue cures and dries. Prepare hole bracket by folding sides inward, tabs outward, top flap back. Attach at snowflake center behind where it fits without showing to front. Insert pole top into bracket, then glue pole in place on snowflake back. Add strengthening accent shapes to support pyramid panels with perforation aligning at lower edge “joint”.