Be My Valentine block boxes ensemble
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Thirteen base-n-lid boxes in three sizes imitate wood blocks that stand in rows below and above to spell out “Be My VALENTINE”. Largest box size approx. 2.25” W x 3.25” L x .875” Depth Phrase ensemble measures approx. 19” wide x 6.25” tall . Box lids have a slight bevel on the front, with accent rectangles to show off the letter shapes. Lids and bases have end tab symbols to match sizes. Cut pairs of box lid and base: 10 largest (triangle symbol), 2 middle size (star) 2 smallest (circle). Two complete boxes can be cut from one 12x12 sheet of cardstock. BASE ASSEMBLY: 1) fold sides and end with tab on all perforations as “valley” (inward) folds. 2) glue corresponding tabs to back rectangle edges. 3) glue end tab under corresponding side end straight edge. 4) fold small support piece inward at center perforation, outward at tab perfs. 5) glue non-tab surfaces together. 6) apply glue to underside of tabs, and insert/secure at vertical center inside base. LID: 1) refer to Base instructions and repeat for Lids, except pairs of perforations on each side segment form the bevel. 2) fold each bevel tiny wedge tab so it inserts under adjacent “miter” edge, then glue sides to front rectangle straight edges, and end tab under similar to Base. 3) glue accent rectangle shape to box front. 4) glue letter or layered heart to appropriate size box matching spacing from bottom or top. (Refer to layout in cut file, or thumbnail to see which letters are glued to which size box. 5) assemble the “VALENTINE” box row, then place the “Be My” with basket centered on top. Glue box lid and base together, and glue boxes together, if desired. If stability is needed, weight with a tiny sealed baggie of pellets, dry beans or rice in each box bottom.