Hydrant Box
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Great firehouse party table décor: mini fire hydrant favor box with removable lid measures approx. 6.5" tall x 5.5" widest dimension. Fill with treats or gift card, etc. CONSTRUCTION OVERVIEW: Base: Attach accent shapes to flat hydrant body. Fold and glue top rim back, top tabs out to create ledge for top hex reinforcement shape to be placed and glued. Fold hydrant into a tube, glue side tab. Build side extensions (as three sided bevel top box, add accent shapes, insert tip extension tabs into box slot and glue in place behind. Insert box tabs into hydrant body slots and glue in place behind. Build front hexagon box with dimensional hex ring and center extension, then attach to front panel by inserting tabs through slots and glue behind. Join 2 base dimension “strips” together, then insert bottom tabs into base “hollow” hex slots; fold inward and glue in place. Fold base ring bottom tabs around lower edge of base hex and glue in place. Fold top sections toward hydrant body and insert tabs into slots. Position and glue base cover hex shape to cover construction. Lid: Join 6 dome sections to form lid top. Build hex mini box for top bolt, fold alternate bottom tabs in toward center, insert remaining tabs through dome slots, glue behind. Attach dimensional ring to lid dome in similar fashion as for base, Insert dome assembly inner tabs through hollow hex shape, then fold rounded-end tabs back and glue in place to form flange that helps lid stay in place over base. Position and glue lid bottom hex shape to cover construction,