Halloween Kid Craft Origami
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Cut this bat design approx. 7.75” wide x 4.3” tall from REGULAR WEIGHT paper (not card stock), optional face “liner” from selected eye color card or paper, and then fold on the perforations to watch as his wings, body, feet, face and ears magically appear. Classic paper crafting for Halloween, only easier. CONSTRUCTION: 1. Working from the front, fold the diagonal lines as “mountain” folds, then unfold. 2. Fold the horizontal fold as a “valley” fold, then unfold. 3. Re-fold the side folds in to meet at the center as you re-fold the diagonal folds. 4. Fold the right and left TOP LAYER diagonal folds in to meet at the center front. 5. Locate the lower diagonal perforations on right and left body sides. Fold each of these folds under (to shape the leg portions of the lower body. 6. Locate the diagonal perforations near the bottom points of “legs”. Fold each outward to form feet. 7. Locate the horizontal perforations near the ear cutouts approx. 1” from top point. Fold the whole assembly downward to line up “nose” point at body center line. Use glue or a thin mounting square (or trim a small triangle) to keep bat nose attached to body surface beneath it; also apply dot of glue to help feet stay folded outward. FOR OPTIONAL CONTRAST EYES PIECE, identify the “head/face” triangle shape between perforations (look for eye holes). Glue contrast piece behind this shape that contrast can be seen through the holes