3D Wedgie Crow
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Boxy and triangular, this one-piece body bird goes together quickly with wrap around beak, double layer wings, two circle eyes. Perfect to perch on top of a pre-carved pumpkin, or make as is or slightly reduced to sit (glued in place) on the shoulder of the 3d scarecrow mantle sitter. Meant to rest on the rectangular base, glue a couple of chunky bolt nuts inside before closing up and gluing shut the “trap door” located at lower tail surface. CONSTRUCTION OVERVIEW: Fold all perforations as inward or mountain folds. At tail end, pivot tail flap around so that the flange and opposite body edges align, then glue in place. Repeat this process for head end, then glue base side flanges to body edges. Insert and securely glue weight bolts in place on base rectangle area. Close up tap door (apply adhesive to flanges first and area in front of tab slits), then tuck tabs into slits and hold ‘til secure. Overlap beak bottom area over under-beak area (marked area) to make a pyramid, and glue in place. Apply glue to inner surfaces, then slide over the beak area of body, pushing on until snug.Layer and glue contrast under wing with over wing that includes design edges. Fold at perforation(s), then align the wing front tip before perforation to body at tiny triangle cutout guidemark, and glue just the area in front of perforation to body. Glue smaller eye circle at center of larger eye circle, then attach to body covering circle eye cutout guide mark.