Corncob 3D Pipe
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Accessorize your snowman hat (or other winter/seasonal projects) with this miniaturized hexagon bowl and stem design. Assembly Overview: 1) attach bowl accents centered onto six panels 2) form inner bowl by joining strip into ring, folding tabs over hex bottom 3) push top wedge tabs down inside bowl then push inner bowl down into main bowl top hex "lid" opening and glue to wedge tabs 4) layer/stack stem anchor "hex" shapes, attach to inside bowl panel opposite where stem opening hex will be (fold and trace hole) 5) form bowl into a tube by joining at side seam with tab 6) form stem hex tube, with cut-to-length 5/16" dowel for strength, if desired 7) insert tab stem end into bowl hex opening and through to seat into anchor opening, glue in place 8) fold top and bottom panels to overlap inward-folded tabs and attach 9) attach bottom cover. Measures approx. 1.75" tall x 1.4" wide x 4.75" long.