Horses 3d Carriage Team
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Harness up a pair of fantasy ponies to pull the Princess 3d carriage. (Build two ponies using provided shapes.) Team measures approx. 7.75" long x 5" tall x 4" deep. Horses are "built up" 2d with contrast layer between to shown through as inner nostril and eye, separate mane and tail, layered harness to add on. Harness yoke has main member with sides and top end fold-down flanges to glue in place. Cross member has sides that fold down, ends that fold up to line up with the harness base shape on the inside surface of assembled ponies. Use glue along with mini brad "rivet" to hold the cross members in place. Thread the end into driver's foot step chassis slot on the 3d Carriage, bend end tab opposite step tab, and glue in place.