Commercial Licensing


Last revised 2-20-2014

To purchase Commercially:

        To purchase commercially you must fill out a simple form and enable commercial license.  
           1. Go to Profile or Log-in the top RIght Corner.
           2. Select Commercial from the Left Hand Banner
           3. Commercial Registration will appear.  Check the box to "Enable Commercial Licensing Purchasing"
           4. FIll out simple form and Submit. 
           5. When purchasing you will now have the option to purchase a commercial license.

License Levels
           Level 0   Cost $5    For 10 Uses
           Level 1   Cost $9    For 50 Uses
           Level 2   Cost $17  For 200 Uses
           Level 3   Cost $26  For 400 Uses
* A use is an opportunity to profit.  If you purchase a license and use it 3 times on one product.  That is still just one use.



By purchasing this design you agree to the terms of use listed below. Upon receipt of payment you will automatically be given a commercial licens number. If selling on the web or an internet store your license number must be displayed on the listing.

This license is non-transferable. 

A separate license must be purchased for each design you wish to sell.

This design can only be sold in physical form you cannot sell the file or manipulate the file to sell in any digital format.

You are also limited to use our designs in a way that will not reflect poorly or inaccurately represent SnapDragon Snippets or any of it's designers.   You may not take credit for the creation of the designs in written or verbal form.  The ownership and credit of the design resides with Snapdragon Snippets and it's designers. You are not required to send any pictures or acknowledgement but you are always welcome to send them to, but they are welcomed.  

We thank you for your support.